The philosophy of E9AP is built upon creativity, innovation and commitment as the foundation. Through the subtle construction of form and the skillful manipulation of scale and composition, all projects are designed with infusion of new ideas and challenges creating a kind of discord with tangible materiality.

With determination to find unique expression independent from the fads of the day, E9AP is in constant search for new material, methodology and technology to improvise design. All design begins with an insistence on design excellence, principal commitment, superior management, and outstanding services to our clients, meeting budget and schedule requirements while achieving architectural excellence.

E9AP focuses on intensive and interactive design process with our Client taking consideration of site context to achieve excellence in design. We firmly believe architecture is an expression of the integrated form, space, function, and structure. We strive to open all design to questions of perceptions and yield to a new horizon of discovery.

We work closely with our Clients and their representatives throughout the planning, architectural design, construction document and construction phases. We listen intently to our clients and offer professional opinion throughout the process.